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Please Note, We have discovered a Service so that as a Canadian Company we can now ship ALL our US & International orders using a Tracking Service. What this means:

1) All orders will now have a Tracking Service.
2) USA Bound Shipments, will in fact be less expensive, then if sent by Canada Post.
3) Part of this process requires us to send items in bulk, as it does cost us a fee to use this service. This means shipping of US & International bound items will, at this time, go out once perhaps 2 times a week
depending upon volume of items. In the end US customers will receive their items within pretty much the same time as if items were shipped by way of Canada Post with No Tracking, & in a lot of cases much sooner.

Again the Benefits: Shipments are Tracked, and the Shipping Costs are Less expensive, & possibly faster delivery time.

Please, by purchasing an item from SFI you have agreed to these shipping terms.