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GREETINGS Potential International Customers (Not including USA or Canada)

Due to our shipper losing several of our International Shipments as of late, we have to change our strategy if we are going to continue selling our products overseas. Also VAT implications. (See Below in Red)

At this time Your only option, with us, is to have us mail your orders to a US address. We are Happy & willing to offer FREE shipping to a US address, providing the product order is $100.00 or more & you provide proof you are actually located overseas. To take advantage of this offer you must contact us prior to placing the order, so that it can be arranged.

(UPDATE) We can ship by USPS International Priority with mandatory Insurance. (to NON-EU Countries that do NOT require VAT be our responsibility ) Minimum product order is $100.00. Shipping cost starts at $40.00 USD. Please contact us and let us know exactly what you would like to order & we can send you a quote for your order.

If order is less than $100.00 you can still order by having us ship to a US address.

If You have another Option that you can use to have us ship to you Please contact us and we can work out the details with you. You can even call us at: 604-800-2177. Leave us a message and we will call you back.

We certainly don't like the idea that we have to do this, BUT, we are not able to absorb the losses. We will be investigating to see if we can change this policy.

To get a US address Please use this Google Search HERE.

Thank-You for Your Understanding.

The Superior Fit Innovations Ltd. Team