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Superior Fit Innovations

Developer & Distributor of Protection & Showcasing Products for the Discerning Trading Card Collector.

As a collector & Buyer/Seller of Sports Cards, I found a problem with how we all are Storing & Showcasing of our cards. The biggest issue I came across is the unbelievable terrible condition Top Loaders were in whenever I bought a card or collection. Thus the Innovation of the the Superior Fit Top-Loader Sleeves. As the name of them implies, they Fit perfectly. On top of that the Sealable Flap is tapered, giving the final result a clean smooth look for your favorite cards. You'll never have to replace your Top Loaders again. In the process I also found that Sleeves available for Hard Cases (One Touch Mags, etc.) & Graded Card cases didn't really exist. Yes there are sleeves that are suppose to be for them but I found they didn't fit so nice. Because of this I developed the Perfect Fit line of Sleeves for these cases. They Literally Fit Perfectly.
Recently I have added a line of Superior Fit Graded Card Holder Sleeves, that have become a great hit with Collectors. Our biggest Seller being the one that Perfectly Fits the PSA Graded Card Holders, followed by the Beckett (BGS) Graded Card Holders. Lastly, I thought why not actually develop an inner sleeve to go with the line. I did just that. Our Inner Sleeves also Fit Perfectly. Try them I'm pretty sure you'll love them.